Tuesday, March 17, 2009

25 weeks

Prepping, reading, learning, planning as the weeks pass. Just 15 more to go! We've been getting little things together like booking prenatal classes (at the awesome Pomegranate: http://www.pomegranate-midwives.com), deciding on cloth diapers, prepping for my one-year mat leave, Baby Bjorn vs BabyHawk carriers, trying to figure out if those 'little necessities' are really necessities. We've also been thinking about bigger picture stuff like what kind of parents we want to be and realizing how much we have to learn.

Talking to Junior each night as he rolls and kicks and dances. You can literally see him somersault around in there. Chris read "Where the Wild Things Are" to him the other night. 

We're just so excited to meet him in a few months.


Lisa said...

I have some pretty fantastic info on what to get and what to avoid. If you want I could email you the lists I got from other new mothers.(Although it is ultimately a personal decision as to what you want for wee bebe)

alex behr said...

so excited for you guys!

I went overboard buying or acquiring stuff b/c I didn't know what I'd need! Fortunately, you can always unload on someone else as confused as you.

Demo said...

we did the 'birthing from within' classes at pomegranate too! so glad we did. learned a lot, but more importantly, met some really awesome people.

Heather Maxwell-Hall said...

good to hear, demo!
and thanks all

cookie said...

i can't recommend the ergo carrier more enthusiastically. (chris might like it later for a backpack, christian wears it all the time). i have heard good things about the babyhawk and the bjorn was great from 3-9m but after that - ouch my back!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the baby bjorn. Super ouchy. Ergo, Becko, some kind of cuddly wrap like buddha baby - all good.