Wednesday, September 16, 2009

teef coming in already?

oh, almost forgot--thank you alex for the sweet little giraffe onesie!

I've already posted a version of this pic of August sitting in Auntie Lizzie's lap, but it's my achilles heel of cuteness.

Those little smiles keep coming even though it seems like he might be starting to teethe already. Rosy cheeks, drooling, gnawing on his hands, extreme crabbiness. I felt along his gums and there seem to be tiny ridges. He's only 11 weeks old. Poor sweetie. Someone told me about some natural herbal teething gel, but if anyone else knows of ways to soothe, let us know.


megan donis said...

Huh. Funny. Will has been drooling up a storm and totally gnawing on his hands. Also he sticks his hand so deep into his mouth that he sometimes gags himself! I wonder if its teef coming in? I noticed that ridge too. Also, holy moly do I want chew on these cheeks. What a cutie! xo M

Lisa said...

We use camilia. It is a homeopathic cure for little baby's sore teef. Oliver has been 'teething' since 3 months as well, but none of the little buggers have popped out yet. Good luck my dear!

Anonymous said...

poor thing! try sticking some wet baby washcloths in the freezer and letting him gnaw on them. hyland's teething tablets and camillia work well too. good luck!

Demo said...

aw, poor augie!

the only thing that seemed to work for sterling was a frozen pacifier. if you squeeze the pacifier nipple and submerge it in water and then let go, it'll fill up with water and then you can freeze it. you have to be careful though, because freezing them can wear them down really quick so always check for holes and loose nipples. heh heh. "loose nipples".

playtex also recently came out with solid teething pacifiers that you can freeze safely. won't be as cold but at least they can gnaw on them safely. you can get them at shopper's drug mart.

i've also heard that hyland's tablets work quite well.

floating between the ages said...

you can also try frozen rubber tipped baby spoons. they can give some nice relief. poor augs...teething is the worst. :(