Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy 7 months

So many new tricks, obsessions and fun things. Latest stuff Aug's into that make him happy, laugh hysterically or stare in wonder:
-Fake sneezes
-Watching us wriggle our eyebrows
-Counting on fingers
-Trying to drink from cups
-Watching us talk to each other about adult stuff
-Wrassling and horsing around
-Giving big, sloppy wet kisses
-Laughing into empty bottles
-Naked time (obvs)
-Sitting in his new high chair
-His shiny fish mobile from Nana and Papa in Mexico
-BOOKS. Especially any by Karen Katz!
-Pictures of baby faces, other babies
-Story time at the library
-And my favourite new development of all: sleeping through the night! It's been three weeks and boy oh boy, it's a brand new world.

1 comment:

emily bilbrey said...

go august go! what an awesome, spunky, happy little guy. he's so darling! good job, mama! ;D