Monday, February 15, 2010

A few from New Hampshire...

....many more to come. We've been home for a week from our trip to see Grandma and Grandpa in New Hampshire but I haven't had time to update the blog because August has been really sick with bronchiolitis. It's made him wheeze and cough and sniffle like an old man. We took him to emergency on Saturday because he sounded awful and was so miserable with the congestion. All is well, though, and he's rounded the corner to easier breathing. There are few things worse than seeing your little one so sick. 

New England was beautiful! Sunny and cold and a lot of fun. Augie loved spending time with G&G Hall and meeting his Uncle Adam and Auntie Beth. We went hiking, sledding, hot tubbing, shopping, lunching and lots more. Augs was teething most of the week (he went from three teeth to six in one week!) so he was fussier than usual but despite that, he was a total dream during our 10 hour travel days. Amazing. 


emily bilbrey said...

glad to hear that augs is on the mend! having a sick baby is soooo terrible - p got her first & only cold back in october and we had to take her into urgent care for her gnarly cough. so sad! ):

i can't believe your boy doubled his amount of teeth so quickly! crazy! he's such a darling little guy.

hope the rest of your trip is fantastic. cheers!

demo derby said...

it's so awful when they're sick! glad augie is feeling better. we just went through croup with sterling. so scary when it affects their breathing.