Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberries, nuts, fish, yogurt, veggies. I'm making sure to get a good mix of healthy foods each day for baby's growing body and brain. It's been a little tougher lately because my appetite's really diminished. I had to force myself to eat dinner last night. Less room in there now?

Baby's movement these days feels like he's about to bust on out. I swear he's doing trapeze tricks from my rib cage. That achy, waddly, huge, slightly impatient stage everyone warned me about? So there.

42 days or less til we meet you, sweet baby!


Sammi V said...

Hello! I happened upon your blog quite by chance and have had fun reading (-: I'm pregnant with a sweet boy baby too, and by the looks of it, we are very close in terms of due dates. Just wanted to pop in and tell you hi, and congratulations, and have fun, and good luck!

Take good care,


famapa said...

so exciting heather! I'm way behind you (I'm due in november) so reading your blog is wonderful! most of my friends had their babies years ago so no one really remembers what it was like... can't say I'm looking forward to trapeze stunts in my ribcage though ;0)

hope the next month or so zooms by for you!