Monday, May 25, 2009

This must be the "holy crap, we're having a baby in a month or less" stage

Chris and his mom

We've already had nine months of planning, hoping, wishing, prepping, and talking, but only now does it feel like we're truly at the edge of one of the biggest life changes we'll ever experience. It's happiness, excitement, nervousness and surrealism all at once. We can't wait, yet we're trying to savor these last 4 weeks of relative calm. 

Side note to people who want to tell me their horror birth stories: save it 'til after baby's born, mkay? Thankssss.


Erin said...

What about the fabulous birth stories... are we allowed to share those?

I've got just one word for you: GLORIOUS.

And I'm sure yours will be, too.

Hidi said...

awww, Chris' mom is so cute in this picture. They both are! Hope you have a great last month!

coucouchanel said...

wow! look at pk's hot mama.

Wait, are there horror stories involving births? Am i that brazilian to think births are sweet and beautiful?
All i can remenber about the births i've seen was happyness, joy and kids.