Monday, October 5, 2009

the gift of gab

All day yesterday, Augie was much more vocal than usual, babbling away while we went about our day. He kind of blew our minds a little before bed last night--for about 5 minutes while he cuddled between us, he turned to each of us, one at a time, and cooed, jabbered, la-la'd, and babbled expressively while looking deeply into our eyes. Once he finished talking to one of us, he'd promptly turn back again to the other, and start up his tale again. He even wiggled his eyebrows for more emphasis and stuck out his tongue to form different sounds. Whatever story he was telling us, he was super psyched about passing it on. We were in total awe. I even teared up a little.

It's incredible to see him go from a tiny newborn to an expressive, loving little baby. We're just so in love with our baby Gus. I can't wait for every new change and day with him.

Oh, and just read this interesting article about baby's language development


KDW said...

awww - this made me shed a tear - my friend Megsd and baby Will are in this phase - saw them last night - adorable to see

famapa said...

aw, augie seems to be the sweetest most entertaining little baby ever. thanks for sharing your lovely stories!

Michelle said...