Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the famous maxwell noggin

Not the best illustration of it, but we think August's cranium is very similarly shaped to my dad's. Yes, the famous Maxwell clan 'heed'.

Tough time last week. Chris was very sick with bronchitis (thought it was the dreaded swine flu at first), then Augie and I caught a cold bug that we both managed to fight off. Nana and Papa came to the rescue for a few days and hung out with Aug while I got some much-needed rest.

Emperor Augustus has taken to waking up every hour nearly every night and will take nothing but nursing to get back to sleep so I'm running on very little sleep. The ongoing obsession, it seems. Digging into the arsenal of baby sleep books now. Any tried and true solutions welcome!

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Anonymous said...

oh no! William was like that too. he didn't sleep until he was over a year old. it does get better. for him, he needed to grow into his sinuses and we broke the rules a little and got him a fluffy comforter like ours so that he could sleep comfortably in his own bed. the family bed was great until he got bigger and started sleeping side-ways! i also read the sleep book for tired parents and the no cry sleep solution. both have lots of great ideas! good luck!