Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 months old today!

Most of the pictures I tried to take for this post were too blurry, which is a fitting testament to August's new non-stop movement.

We've reached double digits! Eeeep. It's been said a zillion times how fast time goes with babies but it's only because it's so bittersweetly true. They learn and grow and change so quickly that it's hard for our hearts and minds (and uh, bodies!) to keep up. Who's this little guy crawling, walking while holding on to things, opening up the kitchen cupboards, flirting with pretty ladies and calling us mama and dada?

Augie is so much fun. Lots of big smiles, giggles, torrential drool and excitement for pretty much everything (ok, except for diaper changes and hats). When I have more time, I'll post a list of stuff Augie's really into, for both the grandparents and posterity.

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