Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it ain't easy being green

Rough day for Augie with all this growing, crawling, learning, changing and teething. Poor babe is just out of sorts. He had lunch with Mama's friend Magda, went for a walk, spied some birdies and trees, played with lots of toys and had great, long naps but he's still feeling kinda grumpy.

Last night he discovered he could stand up in his crib at night and say 'mamamamama' over and over til his folks come in and gather him up in their arms for late night snuggles. He thinks that's pretty cool.

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emily bilbrey said...

what an absolute doll! you know, poppy currently goes through random boughts of "who the hell is this kid?" crankiness. i think it's just part of the growing/teething/learning process for them. sure is tiring for us mama, tho!