Monday, January 5, 2009

belly watch '09

15 weeks and feeling fine. Starting to show just a little and yet my jeans are nowhere close to fitting any more. Stretchy dresses, leggings and tights 24/7.

Appointment with Dr. Rosengarten in a few days for the triple screen blood test--it measures AFP, hCG and estriol levels in order to assess the probability of genetic disorders like Downs Syndrome and neural tube defects like Spina bifida. False postives are common, apparently, so I have mixed feelings about it. Hopefully there'll be nothing to fret about.


Erin said...

Grow belly, grow!

Hey, you guys forgot the Destroy album Rob burned for you. If you give us your address we can pop it in the mail for you. Or maybe we'll see you at the Pod at the end of the month?

cookie said...

the fretting is the worst part. im sure you'll be fine. so exciting! love the baby blog!