Thursday, January 15, 2009

no sleep 'til 2013

Awake every night for at least two hours for the last month. I fall asleep right away then up at 2 or 3, completely alert and unable to get comfy. Good practice for the hardcore sleeplessness to come, but I was hoping I could fit in some high-quality sleep now before it's all a distant memory. And so the hazing begins...

I've got company, apparently. My dad couldn't sleep the other night and sent us this cute poem he wrote while he was up:

Brought on by international cooperation
Under the influence of Greek stimulation
Manufactured by North American innovation
Parlayed into June's sensation

Thanks Dad! We love you and the new gonk will, too xo


Chris said...

all the more reason to nap every day!

cookie said...

yes napppppp
as much as possible. the best part of now is its all about you, mama. later, once you get a routine down with the lil one all the sudden they'll be up again at 2 and 3 and 4 out of nowhere! but its amazing how once you get used to it you can just keep going and going...