Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a boy named sue

Ok, so we don't know whether baby's a boy or girl and we definitely won't be naming him or her Sue, but we're starting to think about what's in a name. We have a few favourites in mind, but it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities, subtle nuances and potential for horrifying nicknames. I can easily see myself falling into the Nymbler vortex a little farther down the line.


Chris said...

In honour of the new President-Elect, I'm thinking "Hussein" is a worthy middle name....

alexandra behr said...

even if you have a safe name, someone will come up w/ a moronic nickname, huh?

like me w/ the nickname:

Sandy Behr

a kid used to run up behind me, shove me, and say "San Diego Chargers."

Captain Annie said...

Poor we all call her sandyland. My best pal's twin boys are Orion James and Jonah Green, and Jonah is Jonah Bear. My nickname is Annie Bananie which is pretty good. I also know a baby named Kingston (a girl!) and who knows what her nickname will become...for now it's Kuski, because her grandma hates the name Kingston.
love, dangerpaws

honeycut said...

ha, chris! i was at a gallery opening a while back and this dude from patrick mcmullen came up and asked to take my photo with some friends...and then asked us our names so I told him my name was Michelle Hussein Hines and it is now official!
i think it's a lovely name.
especially this week!

cookie said...

and what a trap it is!