Thursday, June 4, 2009

nest fest

Hey lil Junebug, you're officially FULL TERM on Saturday so feel free to join us any time after that. We don't want to rush you, though, so if you feel like hanging out in there a few weeks longer, that's cool. I have a feeling you're gonna take your time, mellow dude. 

In the meantime, we've been prepping like crazy for your debut. I'd heard about the nesting instinct but didn't fully understand its overwhelming power until last week. I organized our linen closet, colour-coordinated and hand-rolled the towels, and for the first and probably last time, ironed pillow cases and a few duvet covers. Next was the bedroom closet, where I cleaned out tons of old clothes and donated them to charity. Your daddy's been watering, weeding and planting new fleurs and veg in the garden for you to admire, and he also hung new blinds and curtains in your room. 

I wonder what insane cleaning frenzy will hit me next...


meadows said...

Hiya Heather,

Been loving your posts over here. Me and Mariam keeping refreshing the page, just in case...

Very excited for you guys!


Anonymous said...

This makes me so happy. And your little one will love to read these when he's an adult. Trust me.

The Panic Room said...

this is a really rad picture